Stop Smoking Habit A Must it is

Most of the smokers seem not to give up their habit of smoking tobacco. This is why they raise several pleas to show that they are somewhat incapable of giving up this habit although they have already decided to do so. It is learned from them that they apprehend immediate illness if they just quit smoking of tobacco.

Some of the smokers state that they have given up this habit twice or thrice on earlier occasions only to return to smoke again. Some others want to assure that they are sure to quit smoking any day which is not the present day anyhow. Another plea is that they will stop smoking habit gradually.

There are many responsible men and women who have devoted to campaign against smoking of tobacco. They have sympathy with the smokers and they want to provide them with all kinds of assistance so that they find confidence to give up smoking habit.

Campaign against smoking of tobacco contains some terrible facts. There are great numbers of non-smokers surrounding the people who smoke. The non-smoking people are, naturally, the passive smokers. It is said that the passive smokers are more affected.

Everybody knows that smoking of tobacco is injurious to health. It does not mean that smoking affects the lungs only. Physicians advise all kinds of patients to stop smoking habit so that the medicines they take can act properly in their body. It has been observed and established that smoking is responsible for the spread of cancer.

Millions of men and women smoke everyday, and they pollute the environment everyday. How dangerous this is for the humanity and for all forms of living beings on the earth!

Men and women must stop smoking habit. It is not that they cannot do it. Many of the smokers, even many chain-smokers, have already stopped smoking. No preparation is necessary to achieve this target. The smokers should believe that they can do it. The smokers should think for their relatives and friends. They must remember Biographsworld the innocent face of their children who will have to compensate for the ‘crime’ committed by their seniors.

The society, to which the smokers belong, must put constant pressure on them from all directions so that their mind-set is changed. The government machinery and all kinds of offline and online media must always campaign against smoking of tobacco. The globe of tomorrow must be prepared to witness that there is not a single smoker living under the sun.

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