Amazing Non-Conventional Uses Of Stubby Holders

You might be familiar with the stubby holder if you drink beer and other soft drinks on the regular basis. But many people think that why it has been named stubby holder? But actually stubby holder is the name derived from stubby that basically refers to a bottle of 375 ml beer in Australia. Another popular name is koozie that is also derived by Australians for stubby holders. Sports lovers also use Rabbits Merchandise stubby holder and other products such as jerseys and hoodies to cheer up the team and enjoy their favourite sport.

Stubby holders are made up of high-quality rubber popularly called neoprene which has excellent insulating properties and keeps the cold beverages cooler. Many businesses uses stubby holder as branding and marketing. Other than this, there are many other uses of stubby holders that are.

1) It can be used in packing and moving

Have you ever think that a stubby holder can work great for packing and moving because of its good padding. It can be a good option to pack glassware that will prevent the breaking of glass and helps in secure moving.

2) It can be used as protection of fruit

Have you always got irritated by bruising fruit? Not anymore. Try storing your fruits in the stubby holder to protect them and keep them healthy when traveling or going out anywhere.

3) It can be used for storage

Stubby holders are no waste; they can be used to store various items because they are highly durable and insulated with high-quality rubber material. It can be also used in commercial offices as pen holders and many more.

4) It can be used as a furniture moving pad

It can work fine as a furniture pad for moving the furniture from one place to another to prevent scratches on the floor.

5) It can be used as an electric device protector

The electronic device can be the sensible thing to handle as it’s important to protect the wirings for proper functioning. The stubby holder can be used to store ear pods, hands-free, cables chargers, and many other electronic devices.

6) It can be used in vehicles for a beverage holder

Holding your favourite drink while traveling in a car can be an irritating task, the stubby holder can be used as a beverage holder in the car to hold the drink without splashing around the area.

7) It can also be used as a soap caddy

It can also be used as a soap holder in the shower by putting a suction cup on the back of the stubby holder. Although there are limitless ideas on how stubby holders can be used for multiple purposes according to individual creativity.

Finishing up;

Stubby holder has helped a wide range of businesses to promote their products with amazing brand logos and slogans. The majority of people use it in a conventional way, just for holding bears and beverages but there is no harm in using stubby holders in creative useful ways. Hope you found the blog informative and loved reading useful ways of using stubby holders. If you are a fan of the NRL team, then you might love the NRL Merchandise range of amazing jerseys and other products.

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