How to Make Monogram Cake Toppers for Wedding Look Unique

Monogram Cake can be made to look unique and sophisticated just by some innovative ideas.

You can choose a theme which you want to express on the wedding cake such as personalized, fairy tale, honeymoon, foods that are linked with romance, DIY, holiday etc. Each of them is linked with romance in some way or the other and thus they impart uniqueness to the cake toppers.

Once you finalize on the theme that you want to be depicted then it’s time to decide on what can be done to bring it out to perfection. For personalized themes, you can think about anything that can depict your desire and affection for each other. Specially designed cake toppers with the surname of the bride and groom or a fancy and delicate knot between their names are good options.

Weddings are often deemed to be the commencement of a fairy tale with happiness and romance all around. A beautiful castle made in crystal having god and silver touches can remind you of some blissful fairy tale and mark the beginning of a blissful married life. A porcelain or ceramic bride eager to kiss the frog in her hand can also add that uniqueness. Classic elegance can also be depicted through the crown of the king and the princess on top of the cake.

Even honeymoon destinations can be reflected through cake toppers. This is also another very creative idea of making the topper look unique. If your planned honeymoon destination is a tropical country then reflect this idea by installing a palm tree in miniature size on top of the cake. This can be bought from the neighborhood craft store easily. Spread seashells for a better and more realistic effect. Even large seashell can be taken and filled with glitter and sand to bring out that effect.

There are some foods which are linked with romance such as strawberries, candies etc. So you can opt for them to make your cake toppers for wedding look unique. Let the caterer or connoisseur of baking artistically scatter strawberries or even dip them in chocolates and spread it on top of the cake.

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