Why You Should Invest in Gold Coins?

Gold coins have become a prized possession for those who want to invest in the precious metal. However, there are silver coins as well, coins that contained about 90% of silver in it till 1965. After that the coins minted contained about 40% of silver. Customers have the option of choosing from the different kinds of coins made out of junk silver and these include Barber Quarters, Morgan Silver Dollars, Mercury Dimes and the Peace Dollars.

Some Historical Facts:

The US government in the year 1965 stopped minting half-dollars, dimes and quarters with 90% silver. Along with silver they started mixing nickel and copper. The investors as a result started up-hoarding the coins of pre-1965 era for the silver content. About a decade ago, about hundreds of millions of dollars officially suffered a melt down. The silver coins of the American variety became more and more sought after. The demands for these coins today are an all-time high.

The very term “junk” in the silver coins for the first time was used in disco-era of 1970s. The term was used for describing bag of 90% silver coins that were circulated. Junk silver coins are significantly of low value but there gold coins that you can purchase if you want something more.

The traditional belief that men nurtured was that investing in precious metals require substantial amounts of reserves. This however does not hold true in case of junk silver. There are a number of shops which will be happy to sell you a mercury dime priced below $2. This is thus a very good option
for those who are on a tight budget.

In this tough economic situation, there are a number of investors who are investing in the precious metal. The amount of silver content in junk silver coins is not very high, as opposed to the one of gold coins, and can thus be purchased by spending only $2. It is considered to be one of the most outstanding means of bartering.

The affordable junk silver coins have become precious investment opportunity for those who want to purchase junk silver, this being just another opportunity pursued by gold coins collectors. There are dealers online who offer to sell junk silver bags at $1000. The total face value of the junk silver coins in bags is about $1000 which today will cost up to about $13000 to $14 000, such sums going higher in the case of gold coins.

You can easily come across these coins which are extremely affordable. The prices of coins tend to vary on the basis of the market value of silver. A bag of silver coins is highly preferred by those who are planning to buy silver coins.

There are a number of advantages associated with junk silver when compared to the traditional silver bullion. Since it contains very small amount of silver, it is considered to be ideal in post-currency bartering market. The junk silver coins are considered to be one of the gainful processes of buying silver as it is free from the minting and reining fees.

The coins were minted by the US several years ago, free of charge so that it could be used as currency. Investors at the day of the day get a lot more silver for the investment dollar, discovering gold coins as well. The coins are officially permitted U.S. tender and thus accepted world wide.

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