Both The Krugerrands Gold Coins And The Panda Gold Chinese Have High Market Value

The krugerrands gold coins of South Africa are known to be the first pure gold coins. These are also known as the modern bullion coins. The best priced coins are almost always available in the market. It has become one of the most popular options among the gold coin collectors and investors. Even the gold Chinese Panda coins are highly valued in the market. It is the stable prices of the coin which helped many of the countries and business professionals to fight back the tough economic conditions.

Both the gold coins are known to be of very high quality. The durability of the coins makes it possible to be crafted in different kinds of jewelries. Women as well as men in different parts of the world use these gold coins to adorn their necklaces and bangles.

Let us now look the krugerrands gold coins and gold Chinese Panda coins in detail. Krugerrands gold coins were minted for the first time by the South African state government in 1967. The gold coins enjoyed high value in the market. The price of the gold coins changed with fluctuation in the current price.

Apart from the “spot price” of the krugerrands, while estimating the price of gold, certain amounts of premiums are also added. The small premium amounts which the gold coins carry vary from 5% to 10% on the basis of the purchase quantity and the size. The krugerrands of 1 Oz carries the smallest amount of premium. High rates of premiums are carried by coins of 1/10 Oz, 1/4 Oz and ½ oz.

Gold investment is one of the best ways you can protect your personal wealth. The current trends in the market indicate a very positive and bright future. The small investors in particular are immensely benefited with investment in gold.

The gold Chinese Panda coins were introduced in the year 1982 by the Chinese. Peoples Bank of China issues this Chinese bullion. There were 28 varieties of gold coins available when they started minting coins for the first time. Over the past 3 years China has been considered to be the number one gold producer in the world.

Initially the Chinese government wanted to project their diplomatic strategy which was known as the “Panda Diplomacy” among the other nations. The gold Chinese Panda coins are a symbol of humbleness as well as peace of the Chinese community and this is what
distinguishes the coin from the other coins of the world.

The value of the gold Chinese Panda coins like those of the krugerrands are equally high. There are many investors who have been investing in these gold coins for design as well as purity. Even though the global market was heavily affected by recession, the price of the gold coins remained stable.

Those who are looking for globally recognized investment plans will definitely benefit from investment in gold. Ten years buying plan has been formulated by China indicating the important role gold Chinese Panda coins play in the international market.

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