What to Consider After Kia ev6 Windshield Replacement?

KIA EV6 is indeed an amazing vehicle and does require making a good investment to own one. Hence, it is your duty and responsibility to maintain the vehicle properly and ensure it is in top-running condition. Frequent visits to the garage will ensure your vehicle functions smoothly as new. But you also need to consider cosmetic damages and its windshield.

Replacing the windshield

Kia ev6 windshield replacement is not required frequently. Rather, flying debris and stones might cause it to or chip. Tiny ones when repaired instantly can allow you to drive the vehicle without having to worry about costly replacement. But if the damage is extensive or repair work is suggested to be not beneficial, then replacement should be considered.

Why need after-installation windshield maintenance

Besides being expensive, windshields also play a vital role in overall safety while driving the vehicle. Hence, after installing a new one, you should ensure it is in good condition all the time. Proper and regular maintenance will ensure you can forget about its future replacement. But negligence might cause unwanted damage.

Avoid driving immediately after installation

Urethane is the adhesive that is generally used to fix any new windshield. You should give the vehicle rest for a couple of days allowing the windshield to get fixed fully to the car’s frame. Also, you are advised to drive only for an hour for a few days. This is because the opening of doors might cause a change in pressure.

Why does adhesive take time to do its job?

Adhesive fixing duration is said to depend upon several factors. It includes quality, temperature, and humidity. Hence, before it does its job perfectly, you should not place any kind of pressure on it. This way, you can ensure that the new windshield is fit perfectly and you may drive your car later for longer hours as desired without any trouble.

Leave windows open

Once the new windshield is installed, ensure to leave the window gaped prior to parking the vehicle. In case you reside in areas experiencing high temperatures, then heat could create tremendous pressure within the vehicle. Again if you have parked it under such conditions for a long time, then the newly installed windshield is likely to pop out!

Leave tape on

When fixing windshields, some might require tape. You may feel tempted to remove the tape which is a bad idea. Remember if you remove the tape, then grime and dirt are likely to stick to the adhesive. This, in turn, will only reduce its effectiveness while creating a weak connection between the glass and the frame.

Safe driving

You should follow safe driving procedures especially after getting a new windshield. The experienced replacement professionals can guide you to ensure your new windscreen is safe until it is fully fixed to its frame. They will also tell you the dos and don’ts to adhere to and how much you can drive immediately after installation.

Avoid car washes during the initial days

The adhesive used for fixing the windshield to the vehicle does require some time to dry completely. Washing the car before its setting will only result in an incorrect set windshield. Detergent or liquid that is used for the cleaning process might be abrasive for some adhesives. Hence, it is best to wait for a couple of days before you start to wash the vehicle.

Consider the above aspects

Now that you are wary of what you should do and avoid immediately after windshield replacement, adhere to it stringently. Doing so ensures the new windscreen sets properly and allows you to drive your vehicle to any place you desire to be. Also, following the above sincerely will mean not having to face problems.

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