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Two Becomes One Reviews The Dangers of Online Dating!

Over the last few years, online dating websites have become a widely used tool for single adults to meet other singles online. For most individuals, the success rates of such services are poor, and the dangers associated with online dating often outweigh the benefits.

While it is true that searching personal profiles online is easy and convenient, there is no assurance that the person you are conversing with is sharing truthful information about themselves. It is easy for someone to misrepresent themselves regarding their appearance, economic status, age, gender, and marital status. Even more concerning is that online dating services offer anonymity to sexual predators. Without the protection of criminal and financial background checks, criminals and undesirables prey on unsuspecting singles.

In addition to the dangerous aspects of online dating, there are other factors that detract from its ability to create successful matches. For instance, some people join an Online Dating Site, with a free trial account to simply view profiles, with no intention of actually dating. Deceptive marketers
may create profiles and converse with you online to obtain your email address and/or other personal information, and when they do, you’ll never hear from them again, except for hundreds of spam delivered to your email address after your information has been sold. Online Dating definitely has its drawbacks, but so does meeting people through your friends or family, the bars or night life, or through work.

The solution to finding the right match (mate) has been and always will be through a centuries’ old and proven profession… personalized matchmaking. Matchmaking companies such as, Two Becomes One, offers a superior way to meet qualified and compatible singles safely and easily. For hundreds of years, prior to the online dating revolution, Matchmaking Services operated by professional and reputable Matchmaking Experts have been the ideal solution for single adults.

Modern Matchmakers offer compatibility screening and an extensive search process, which includes personal interviews, and caring guidance provided by an experienced, professional Matchmaker. This means you are introduced to great people you’d never meet on your own. “We have found over the years that the reason relationships don’t work is lack of compatibility.

It typically takes between 18 months to two years to determine you are actually compatible with someone. By that time, many of us are already married. It’s no wonder there is a 50 percent divorce rate in the country, when you put things into perspective,” says professional matchmaker Erica Shani of Two Becomes One.

Members of Matchmaking Services are not interested in casual dating, but rather in forming meaningful long-term relationships. At Two Becomes One all members are screened through background checks and criminal checks to ensure that clients are meeting qualified individuals from the start. Clients take an extensive compatibility test to ensure that the client is matched with an
individual that fits his/her personality and lifestyle.

“Members who enlist services of Matchmaking companies, such as, Two Becomes One, don’t want to leave their love life to chance anymore… They want a program that works and an opportunity to find someone who’s a fit; after all, computers can’t tell that someone has a good hand shake, an honest smile, or a little shy. We get a great deal of information, do all the legwork, and we play a vital part in the safety and success of our members… it’s very personal!”

At Two Becomes One, our personalized, secure matchmaking service is built on the philosophy “Compatibility is the Foundation of Successful relationships. While Chemistry may bring people together, Compatibility is what keeps them together!”

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